Preview: The Purge Season 2 to Premiere on October 15th

USA Network announces the commencement of the annual purge this fall.

By Michelle Kaotic

Fans of dystopian horror franchise The Purge have been waiting patiently for the premiere date for Season 2 of the television series. Based on the movie franchise, the show's first season followed a group of individuals through ten episodes in which their paths ultimately crossed in an explosive finale. The success of the series quickly prompted the announcement of a second season with new faces, who you can meet in our earlier reports here and here.

The Purge was created by James DeMonaco and resulted in four films, with a fifth currently scheduled for a Summer 2020 release and is reported as being the final film of the franchise. With what can only be described as a country ruled by a totalitarian government, the series focuses on participants who want to release the beast for 12 hours one night of the year without fear of prosecution. Crimes, up to and including murder, are all allowed.

Despite the extremely violent nature of the films, the popularity of the franchise has continued to rise, earning over $447 million at the box office to date. Since the first installment in 2013, the storylines have increasingly become more disturbing, yet more profitable at the same time, which has led to numerous sequels and this television spinoff. Even Funko announced it was honoring the franchise with five new pop figures fashioned after purgers from both the Election Year and Anarchy films.

The first season of The Purge felt like it stayed true to the films. A variety of characters and how they either agreed or disagreed with the premise of the annual event led to storylines and outcomes that, at times, the viewer was not expecting. Just when you thought you knew what was going to happen, a twist occurred and you were scrambling to get back on track. The execution of the episodes was brilliant, in my opinion. Let us not forget the work and creativity that went into the website as well.

So, what can fans of the franchise expect from Season 2? Co-producers Blumhouse Television and UCP hint that this season will delve into the other 364 days of the year and give us a peek in how the residents go about their days leading up to that chaotic night of crime. Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form serve as executive producers under the Platinum Dunes banner.

The upcoming new season will once again be available on the USA Network beginning on October 15th, with new episodes airing every Tuesday night at 9/8c. The premiere episode will open with the purge kicking off, but we will then get a glimpse into the aftermath of the crime-riddled night.

Stay tuned to Dead Entertainment for episode reviews as they air and check out the first official photos from Season 2 below.

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