Video: Go Behind the Scenes of The Purge Season 2 with the Cast and Creators

The latest preview teases what we can expect in the upcoming episodes.

By Michelle Kaotic

With anticipation rising for the premiere of The Purge Season 2, which is just weeks away, USA Network and Blumhouse have been gifting fans various preview videos this week to prepare us for the big night. The latest is no exception.

Just a day after the last sneak peek was released, the show’s official accounts shared another new video. This time, we get the opportunity to hear directly from the cast, creator James DeMonaco, and executive producer Jason Blum regarding their roles in the upcoming season.

Blum sheds some light on what this season has in store for viewers, commenting, “We’re gonna get to explore how people’s behavior changes when they live in a society where the Purge takes place.”

The behind-the-scenes video features cast members Max Martini, Paola Nunez, Derek Luke, Joel Allen, and Rochelle Aytes speaking about their characters and how their storylines will fit in this season with the Purge and the aftermath. It also provides a look into the event as seen through the eyes of the NFFA, as officials watching over the city via surveillance cameras keep guard for infractions by overzealous purgers after the siren has blared.

It looks like this season is delving more into the repercussions of the annual event, as opposed to just exploiting the violence that the franchise is known for. It appears that the real drama lies between the ending and the commencement of the following year’s event. This could be an interesting spin on the franchise that has yet to be explored in previous films or the show’s first season.

Could the annual murderous event have a reverse effect? Could it actually encourage people to kill more throughout the year? The Purge has survived on the premise that allowing one night a year for those to get their hatred and violence out will prevent crime from happening all year long, but this season implies that is not the case and perhaps the NFAA has been lying to citizens about the benefits of the Purge.

It will be interesting to see how this will contribute to the upcoming new movie as well, considering both Blum and DeMonaco are behind that project. Will they use some of these aspects and build a movie script around them? Time will tell, but until the commencement of the fifth and final movie (according to DeMonaco), be sure to tune in October 15th for episode one of The Purge TV series’ second season.

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