NYCC 2019: New Sneak Peek Released for The Purge Season 2 Following Premiere Screening

Fans of the show apparently inspired the storyline of the new season.

By Michelle Kaotic

Fans of the dystopian Purge franchise were in attendance at the New York Comic Con screening of the television series' second season premiere. For the rest us, a two-minute sneak peek was released to hold us over until the upcoming premiere comes to our TV screens.

Airing on October 15th on USA Network, the new episodes will focus on how life is after the bloody night as well as the months leading up to that one night a year when citizens can commit crimes without prosecution. You may have survived the Purge, but can you survive the rest of the year?

During the Q&A panel, franchise creator, writer, and executive producer James DeMonaco revealed it wasn’t his own idea to explore what happens once purge night is over, as quoted by SYFY Wire.

“It was actually the fans at previous Comic Cons who kept asking me what happens the day after the Purge,” he said. “People are very curious about what happens those days after, those weeks after. It’s the questions we hear that resonate the most and then we put it to our writers’ room and they tackle it.”

This year’s New York Comic Con featured a panel of cast members in addition to DeMonaco. The cast spoke of their characters in the upcoming season. Besides the panel, those in attendance viewed the first episode of the series’ second season. There were also costumes and masks on display.

Exploring the aftermath of the Purge is one storyline that the films have not taken on previously. What happens after the alarm rings out signaling the end of the purge? How do folks go on about their business, assuming they’ve survived? How do you prepare for the next annual Purge? These are some topics that might be tackled in Season 2.

You can currently stream season one of the series in preparation of this month’s premiere. Be sure to stay tuned to Dead Entertainment for weekly reviews of The Purge TV Series.

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