Greg Nicotero Shares First Photo from Shudder's Upcoming Creepshow Series

The first episode of the new television series has wrapped and the executive producer shared a creepy first look to celebrate.

By Chris Morse

Shudder's Creepshow is coming this fall and we are beyond excited to see what a modern revival of the classic Stephen King and George A. Romero collaboration will look like. Fortunately, executive producer and showrunner Greg Nicotero, who will also be directing part of the series, has celebrated the wrapping of the first episode with a preview that offers us just that.

Nicotero took to his Instagram account and enthusiastically shared the news that Episode 1 has wrapped, offering up a photo of the series' new take on a very iconic shot from the original film – the ghost in the window! Check out the full photo below.

Late last month, we broke down what to expect regarding a few episodes, but here is a quick list of each confirmed episode name along with who’s writing it.

  • “Silvery Waters of Lake Champlain” by Joe Hill (NOS4A2, 1982’s Creepshow)
  • “House of the Head” by Josh Malerman (Bird Box)
  • “The Companion” by Joe R. Landsdale (The Bottoms)
  • “The Man in the Suitcase” by Christophe Buehlman (The Lesser Dead)
  • “All Hallows Eve” by Bruce Jones (The Hitchhiker)
  • “Night of the Paw” by John Esposito (The Walking Dead: Webisodes)
  • “Bad Wolf Down” by Rob Schrab (Monster House)

In addition to his role as executive producer on the series, Greg Nicotero will also direct some of the series as well, although at this time we only know of his involvement with an episode titled Survivor Type, which is based on a short story from Stephen King as we reported on last month.

"This fall we will be ‘opening the coffin’ and unleashing upon the world our demented and ghastly stories, crafted by the best in business.”

Nicotero is no stranger to this world, who helped provide makeup effects on 1987’s Creepshow 2. Not to mention the fantastic work he’s done for The Walking Dead, where he supervises the special makeup effects, along with his duties as co-executive producer, and occasionally directs for some episodes. In addition, his award-winning company, KNB EFX GROUP Inc., will be handling the creature and makeup effects for the new series.

Other names attached to direct some episodes of the series include David Bruckner (The Ritual), Roxanne Benjamin (Southbound, XX), and Rob Schrab (Ghosted, Community). John Harrison, who should be a familiar name to fans of Romero, will also be directing an episode he co-wrote with Nicotero.

Harrison, in addition to his duties as first assistant director, scored most of the soundtrack for the original Creepshow, except for the library music. He’s also appeared in Romero’s Dawn of the Dead as the “screwdriver zombie” and scored the soundtrack for that film’s follow-up, Day of the Dead, about seven years later.

Creepshow will arrive on Shudder sometime this fall, but no exact date or release schedule has been revealed at this time. Stay tuned to Dead Entertainment for all the latest news and updates on the series.

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