Breaking Down the Latest Resident Evil 2 Remake Rumors

In lieu of any official updates from Capcom, we've got a fresh batch of rumors to examine.

By Chris Morse

As with any given week, news on the Resident Evil 2 remake has remained steadily dry, leaving us to speculate among ourselves and even pass the time with our own absurd theories regarding the status of the project and when we can expect to see more of it. At least that's how it goes when it comes from any official word from Capcom, whose lips have remained sealed for some time now.

However, the folks at Rely on Horror have reported on a new round of rumors coming from a source supposedly close to the project. There have been a few reliable figures over the years who were spot-on with their information, but the usual disclaimer applies: take all rumors with a grain of salt! Let's break down this information and see what we have here.

The first rumor here is what we should expect from the game's engine and performance, which is that the game will run on the RE Engine, originally developed fresh for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and use the same photogrammetry scanning technology as that previous title, which means we can expect some very realistic visuals. This really seems like a no-brainer. A studio does not put together a brand-new engine for an installment in a long-running franchise without intending on building upon it for use in more games.

As such, we can also expect improved lighting and shadow systems as well as your standard level of performance out of most games in the PS4 Pro/Xbox One X era. This means you can expect a smooth frame rate on 1080p, along with 4k support on the higher end consoles or PC. The source says this should be the best-looking Resident Evil game to date. Why wouldn't it be? Capcom is definitely treating this like a major release, so once again we are in very obvious territory with respect to these rumors.

Perhaps the most interesting question answered by this report is whether the game will continue the trend of first-person horror or give us more of a classic Resident Evil feel. It looks like the answer is somewhere in between, according to the source, who claims that the Resident Evil 2 remake's perspective is a more stylized version of the over-the-shoulder view introduced in Resident Evil 4. This may come as a relief to fans who were not necessarily fans of the first-person and VR emphasis, but it does line up with our previous expectations for the title.


Finally, the rumors detail that the team developing the remake has brought in outside help who have previously worked on the franchise, which could indicate that we are getting close to a reveal. According to the rumors, we should expect the game to have both Leon and Claire campaigns like the original, but to also be longer with new content and areas. We could really be looking at the kind of leap the original Resident Evil took when the GameCube remake came out. This would please many of us fans.

With E3 coming up in just a couple of weeks on June 12th, this may be the year we can expect to see the first official word on the project since its announcement. We here at Dead Entertainment are hoping we get a full trailer and perhaps even a release date. What are you most excited to see in the Resident Evil 2 remake? Share your thoughts with us below.

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