Earlier Diablo IV Leak Proves Accurate, Hints at Release Window and Unannounced Classes

The game may be slated to arrive late 2020 or early 2021, at least for now.

By Chris Morse

As is the norm leading up to the expected announcements of Blizzard titles, there are always a frenzy of so-called advance leaks, mostly fan-made and some more comprehensive than others, but it isn’t often we can look back at one four months later and see just how accurate it was. That is proving to be the case for Diablo IV, with an old Reddit thread full of leaks resurfacing and aging very, very well.

Many of the details discussed in the post turned out to be true following the title’s BlizzCon reveal and any minor inaccuracies could be chalked up to the malleability of game development as a whole, with plans often changing as time goes on. There are, however, a few notable tidbits in here not officially revealed yet, such as the expected release window for the game.

While the official panels at BlizzCon reiterated that Diablo IV is not coming soon, it looks like the internal target is somewhere around late 2020 or early 2021, which would make plenty of sense given fans are preparing to wait at least a year while expecting an even longer wait. Of course, this is subject to change and delays could potentially push that release window much further out, but there are many factors in play and Blizzard is not eager to share its plans with the outside world just yet.

Our earlier coverage regarding the upcoming title’s reveal touched upon many of the same points as this leak thread did four months ahead of time, including the fact that the game is open world in nature and will feature five classes with three being revealed so far (Barbarian, Sorceress, and Druid).

Interestingly, the leak mentions the other two classes being Paladin and Amazon, which were also present in Diablo II, a game that appears to be heavily influencing the direction of this one. That being said, those should be the two still-unannounced classes and we can expect Necromancers to be added to the game at some point as a post-launch content addition.

On the off chance this leak thread is removed from Reddit, we are including the full text of it here in this article so you can compare and contrast the details on your own. Have a look below.


Expect more updates on Diablo IV ahead as development on the sequel continues. Stay tuned to Dead Entertainment for all of the latest news and information!


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