Today Is My Birthday is Alive and Kicking… and Screaming

The upcoming title from Wonder Games gets new life and a new trailer.

By M.T. Bates

You might remember our coverage from last year about a little indie game called Today is My Birthday, even so much as doing a review of the alpha demo the studio had released back in October. Since then, we have all been under the impression that the game was dead, as it did not reach its funding goals, but to our surprise, it came back and has launched a new Steam page and trailer.

The trailer shows off plenty of new footage and gameplay, including characters and locations, but it is clear that this game still has a long way to go. Clunky was a word that was littered throughout my alpha review of the game and a lot of that same behavior still seems to be present in the current build shown off in the trailer.

That being said, the overall atmosphere and core gameplay still look fun, even if it isn’t overly polished in the end. The simplicity of previous similar games, such as Clock Tower, is what made them so charming and unique. The team over at Wonder Games has been eager to bring this title to the public and I am thrilled to see them making progress.

With a vague 2020 release date, we will hopefully get more updates and trailers in the coming months as the team continues to work on the game. We'll keep you posted here on Dead Entertainment.


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