Watch the Encore Performance of Alien: The Play with Sigourney Weaver in Attendance

The actress celebrates the 40th anniversary of the sci-fi horror classic in a very special way.

By Jay Gervais

If you’re interested in checking out the entire Alien play by the incredibly-talented students at New Jersey’s North Bergen High School, you can do so via the embedded video above. It’s available in 4K and is nearly an hour and a half long. This is the encore performance of the play and Alien lead actress Sigourney Weaver was in attendance.

News of this play went viral enough to catch the attention of Alien director Sir Ridley Scott, prompting him to send a letter to the cast and crew along with a generous donation to help fund the encore performance that took place on Alien Day, an event that is intentionally celebrated on April 26th as a reference to LV-426 (aka Acheron).

To top it off, Weaver herself even surprised the cast and crew of the production. You can check out some footage of the heartfelt moment below, in which the Alien actress shows her support by offering some words of encouragement and plenty of hugs.


Obviously, this play is an adaptation of the 1979 sci-fi horror epic Alien, which was directed by Sir Ridley Scott. The play features all the main points from the story in addition to the characters and the alien creature that stalks the crew of the Nostromo throughout the movie. If you’re interested in seeing how much work went into this production, check out this great behind-the-scenes making-of video below.

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