Bizarre Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Promo Teases Part 2 Love Triangle

Harvey and Nicholas are under Sabrina's spell in this strange teaser for the upcoming new episodes.

By Chris Morse

He loves me. He loves me not. Netflix viewers aren't the only people who have been put under a spell by Kiernan Shipka in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The official trailer for the series' upcoming "Part 2" recently arrived and there is no doubt the show is headed into some awkward territory as the boys in each of Sabrina's two lives, mortal and otherwise, will be competing for the teenage witch's heart.

With new episodes arriving this Friday, the above short has been released by Netflix in collaboration with filmmaker Christian Coppola, who produced this strange new teaser featuring stars Shipka, Ross Lynch, and Gavin Leatherwood. It's a bit of an artistic take on the upcoming love triangle and certainly will make you scratch your head at least once or twice, but it's a fun watch to kill some time ahead of the upcoming episode releases. Coppola shared the following about the short on his Instagram account.

After signing her name in the Book of the Beast, Sabrina has tapped into all of her powers, which are on full display in the Part 2 trailer that has our teenage witch looking darker than ever. Naturally, we have elements of both her mortal and witch lives in play here, but everything just feels that much more sinister as a whole, which leaves us many interesting questions heading into the new episodes.

Part 2 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina hits Netflix on April 5th, 2019, with the series already having been renewed for 16 more episodes that will make up Parts 3 and 4. Stay tuned to Dead Entertainment for the latest news and updates on the show.

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