The Original Resident Evil Intro Gets Reimagined as a Sitcom

We also have a slightly less terrifying (or more terrifying, depending on who you ask) Resident Evil 2 video to brighten up your day.

By Chris Morse

A fantastic Resident Evil video from YouTube user GreyGhost Mike has been making the rounds lately and we thought it was definitely worth a share here on Dead Entertainment. You remember the live-action intro to the original Resident Evil, right? Well, it turns out that it works really well as a sitcom from the ‘80s. Where was this show when we were kids?!

Capped off nearly perfectly with the theme for Perfect Strangers, the montage of each of our main characters is particularly fitting in giving this classic tale of survival horror a true sitcom feel. We’d honestly go as far as saying this probably could have worked just as well as the original footage if it was used for the actual intro to the game. Somebody should definitely create a mod for this!

Speaking of mods, while we’re here talking about funny Resident Evil videos, a modder who goes by the name ZombieAli has found a way to make Mr. X even more terrifying in Resident Evil 2. This is both horrifying and delightful, but the mod, which you can download right here, replaces the persistent villain with Thomas the Tank Engine, because why not? In true Skyrim fashion, we are starting to see some truly ridiculous user-created madness with this game. Have a look at the mod in action below.

With respect to the resurgence of the Resident Evil franchise, if we had to pick one thing to be glad about, apart from the fact that we get to enjoy some amazing and terrifying new games in the series, it’s probably the renewed creativity of the community, back in action with some truly great creations. It’s reminiscent of those days when people had a whole lot of fun with the cheesy voice-over samples from the original game. Those were the days!

 As usual, stay tuned to Dead Entertainment for all the latest on the Resident Evil franchise.

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