Relive Alien: Isolation with IGN’s Exclusive Digital Series

We haven’t seen the last of Amanda Ripley and Alien: Isolation just yet.

By Jay Gervais

Earlier today, 20th Century Fox formally announced that it will be bringing Alien: Isolation back as a digital web series, which takes cutscenes from the game and splices it in a way where we’ll experience Amanda Ripley’s experience aboard Sevastopol Station in a different light.

The exclusive digital series will be available tomorrow through both the IGN official website as well as the site's YouTube page. There will be seven episodes total for your viewing pleasures starting at 9:00 AM Pacific Time. Check out the press release from IGN regarding this series below.


While this news may be pleasing to some, others hoping for an entirely original series or even an announcement of Alien: Isolation 2 might be disappointed. At the very least, it would seem Fox is very much aware of the fan interest surrounding the 2014 game and it could be looking at exploring ways in expanding it.

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