Start the New Year Off Right with Some Fresh Gear from Fright-Rags

Vampira headlines this month's offerings from our go-to horror vendor.

By M.T. Bates

Let’s get right into it as Fright-Rags is starting 2019 off with a classic bang! For starters, three delicious Vampira designs that are, as usual, officially licensed, drop on January 9th. Tees, long-sleeved shirts, and hoodies round off this collection, which includes an ad-style T-shirt for The Vampira Show, which is probably the coolest of the three. If you are a fan of this legendary character, you definitely want to grab at least one of these designs when they go on sale.

If shirts are not your thing, you may instead need something to keep your head warm. Fright-Rags has you and your head covered with their newest knit beanies. Predator, Halloween, Trick 'r Treat, and more will be offered starting on January 11th. There are definitely some great little designs included here to deck out your chilly dome.

In addition, on January 15th, Robocop will also be busting on to the scene with two new shirt designs and socks. Who better is there to protect your feet than Robocop? The one design appears to be lifted from a Japanese poster/one-sheet and is easily my favorite of the two.

Finally, you guys will howl when you see these Teen Wolf enamel pins and socks. While there might not be a Chubby or Stiles pin, I think the dancing motion wolf pin makes up for it. Also, the Harold Howard wolf pin is a nice touch. You animals only have to wait until January 15th to get your paws on these.

Got your eyes on anything in particular for the Fright-Rags January releases?

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