Bram Stoker’s Dracula to Get Expanded Soundtrack Release

Wojciech Kilar’s score for the 1992 classic finally gets an expanded presentation.

By Jay Gervais

La-La Land Records is coming through for horror fans this holiday season with the release of a new expanded soundtrack of Wojciech Kilar’s music for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a 1992 film by Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now).

The film was obviously based on Dracula, a 1897 gothic horror novel by author Bram Stoker. While many iterations of this book have been produced in various forms across many decades, Coppola’s film is arguably one of the more renowned versions of the work.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula starred Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight) as Dracula, Winona Ryder (Stranger Things, Alien: Resurrection) as Mina Murray, Keanu Reeves (The Matrix) as Jonathan Harker, and Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs, Westworld) as Van Helsing. Have a look below for the full track listing and packaging for this release.

Disc 1
Composed Score Presentation

1. Dracula – The Beginning (original extended version)
2. The Journey (original extended version)
3. The Castle
4. The Legacy
5. Spilled Ink
6. Lucy’s Party (original version)
7. The Book (original version)
8. To the Brides (original version)
9. The Brides (original version)
10. The Storm (original version)
11. The Letter I
12. Love Remembered
13. Lucy’s Neck (original version)
14. The Cinema (original version)
15. Lucy’s Window (original version)
16. Rules Café Waltz
17. Rules Café (original version)
18. Lucy Squirms
19. The Letter II
20. The Hunt Builds (original version)
21. Dracula Revealed
22. Lucy’s Lullaby (vocal)
23. The Stake
24. Vampire Hunters (original version)
25. The Hunter’s Prelude
26. The Green Mist (original version)
27. Mina/Dracula (original extended version)

Disc 1 Total Time: 62:06

Disc 2
Composed Score Presentation (Continued)

1. The Fire
2. So Cold (original version)
3. Mina Possessed
4. Ring of Fire (original version)
5. Race Against the Sunset
6. Love Remembered/Love Eternal (original finale)
7. The End (original version)
8. End Credits (original version)

Bonus Tracks

9. Dracula – The Beginning (alternate)
10. The Journey (alternate)
11. The Book (alternate)
12. To the Brides (alternate)
13. The Storm (extended no choir)
14. Love Remembered (alternate)
15. Lucy Squirms (alternate)
16. The Letter II (alternate)
17. The Stake (alternate)
18. The Green Mist (alternate no mutes)
19. The Fire (alternate introduction)
20. So Cold (alternate)
21. Race Against the Sunset (no brass)
22. Race Against the Sunset (alternate)
23. Dracula Toolbox D18A
24. Dracula Toolbox D18B
25. Dracula Toolbox D18C
26. Dracula Toolbox: Lucy’s Lullaby (harp)
27. Dracula Toolbox: Tears to Diamonds (music box)
28. Whispered Drac (choir)

Disc 2 Total Time: 54:32

Original Soundtrack Album

1. Dracula – The Beginning
2. Vampire Hunters
3. Mina’s Photo
4. Lucy’s Party
5. The Brides
6. The Storm
7. Love Remembered
8. The Hunt Builds
9. The Hunters Prelude
10. The Green Mist
11. Mina/Dracula
12. The Ring of Fire
13. Love Eternal
14. Ascension
15. End Credits
16. Love Song for a Vampire (From Bram Stoker’s Dracula)
Performed and Written by Annie Lennox

Bonus Album Tracks

17. Mina/Dracula (extended suite)
18. Rules Café (extended album version)
19. The Hunt Builds (extended album version)
20. Mina/Jonathan (unused album suite)
21. Dracula Toolbox D21 (unused album suite)

Disc 3 Total Time: 73:46
Total Album Time: 195:57

Only 3,000 copies were produced for this limited edition release and it’s expected to go on sale on Tuesday, November 27th at the retail price of $34.98, plus the cost of shipping. Bookmark La-La Land Records to be the first to sink your teeth into a copy or two of this fantastic album.

On a side note, a few other exciting titles are releasing on the same day from the retailer, which may also pique your interests. If you’re a Harry Potter fan or know somebody who is, the 7-CD box set of three John Williams scores for that franchise would make a great gift this holiday season, or perhaps Williams’ Oscar-winning score to Schindler’s List might win you over instead.

For James Bond fans, the long-awaited expanded release for The World is Not Enough by David Arnold is finally arriving, and finally, a 50th anniversary collection for Land of the Giants, a science-fiction television series from the ‘60s, will also be releasing and features music by various composers.

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