John Carpenter Scores New Theme for Shudder

The legendary composer has left his mark on the streaming service.

By Chris Morse

Shudder is rolling out its new theme after tapping the legendary John Carpenter to score the track. EW announced the arrangement this week and revealed that the new audio would debut on Halloween during its 24-hour marathon of Carpenter's 1978 Halloween.

For streaming, the track is broken down into a short, 5-second "moniker" that will display before each movie and television episode on the network, but part of this deal was creating the full piece that you can listen to in the video above. In a statement, Shudder GM revealed why, as if it needed any explanation, they brought Carpenter on board to create this unique theme.

We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind audio identity for Shudder and the first person we thought of was John Carpenter. We approached John and to our delight, he was enthusiastic about the idea and came up with an iconic theme that will enchant and thrill Shudder members every time they hear it.

When you watch a lot of titles on a platform, you can certainly get used to these bits of audio that mark the beginning of each movie or episode, but having one created by the legendary John Carpenter should make Shudder's new theme that much more of a treat to listen to when you fire something up. Give the track a listen and let us know what you think.

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