Stranger Things Brings You Halloween Sounds from the Upside Down

The Halloween sounds of Hawkins are coming to vinyl.

By Chris Morse

Is there a better soundtrack for Halloween this year than some spooky, ambient music from Stranger Things? Take a musical journey to Hawkins, Indiana with Halloween Sounds from the Upside Down, which is coming to vinyl courtesy of Lakeshore Records. With no new season debuting until next year, this will have to hold fans over until our next trip to the upside down.

This album was originally released as a bonus download from the Stranger Things 2 soundtrack but is now getting the proper physical release it deserves. Available in pumpkin orange, this is the perfect holiday companion for this October. See below for the track listing and what the product looks like.

Stranger Things 'Halloween Sounds From The Upside Down' - 'Pumpkin Orange' Vinyl by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein

  • First time on vinyl
  • Pressed on Pumpkin Orange Vinyl
  • Composed By Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Bringing the Halloween sounds of Hawkins to vinyl for the first time!

This LP is the brooding darker atmospheric score from season two only previously available as a bonus download from iTunes. Now on vinyl and ready for Halloween.

Stranger Things: Halloween Sounds From The Upside Down (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)
Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

Side A
01. Turn On The Lights
02. Sick Of Cow
03. Power Maintenance
04. Roars From The Lab
05. Mercy
06. Shadow In The Tunnel
07. Do You Accept The Risk?
08. Tree Slime
09. Entering The Cellar

Side B
10. A Familiar Shape
11. The Spy
12. Turn Right & Run
13. They Hurt Me
14. Possessed

This album contains original music from Stranger Things composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. The pumpkin orange is a fantastic touch and the soundtrack itself is a perfect fit for any Halloween party or display. If you're interested, you can pick this one up on Lakeshore Records.

As for the television show, Stranger Things is currently in production but is not expected to hit Netflix until sometime next summer. This music will have to hold you over until then!

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