Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack is Getting Retro Release

You might need to turn your basement upside down to find your cassette deck.

By Jay Gervais

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s score for last years Stranger Things 2 is getting a cassette tape release by Lakeshore Records. For those who follow the show, this is of course highly-appropriate for the time period this series takes place in. Have a look at this awesome release below.

Here is the track listing for this release:

  1. Walkin in Hawkins
  2. Home
  3. Eulogy
  4. On the Bus
  5. Presumptions
  6. Eight Fifteen
  7. The First Lie
  8. Scars
  9. I Can Save Them
  10. Descent Into the Rift
  11. Chicago
  12. Looking for a Way Out
  13. Birth / Rescue
  14. In the Woods
  15. Digging
  16. Symptoms
  17. Eggo in the Snow
  18. Soldiers
  19. Choices
  20. Never Tell
  21. She Wants Me to Find Her
  22. Shouldn’t Have Lied
  23. It’s a Trap
  24. Crib
  25. The Return
  26. Escape
  27. We Go Out Tonight
  28. Connect the Dots
  29. The Hub
  30. On Edge
  31. What Else Did You See?
  32. Run
  33. Levitation
  34. To Be Continued

There is just one difference between this release and the digital one, which is that this one does not feature the 15 bonus tracks included on the latter. However, we are certain this is not a deal-breaker for those looking for an interesting Stranger Things collectible.

If you’re interested in picking this up, you can grab it from Lakeshore Records now. They will only ship within North America and each order is limited to a maximum of 2 per customer. It’s expected for release sometime around June 15th. Will you be tiding yourself over with this soundtrack during the long wait for season 3? Let us know in the comments!

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