Alien: Covenant Sketchbook Details David’s Story on Planet 4

Find out what David was up to after Prometheus and before Alien: Covenant.

By Jay Gervais

Authors Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton bring you a hard-covered sketchbook containing over two hundred illustrations that take you inside the mind of David, who was an android built by Peter Weyland that served aboard the USCSS Prometheus.

Following the disastrous mission of the Prometheus, sole-surviving crew members David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw set out to find the home world of the Engineers, otherwise known as the Space Jockeys or Mala’kaks, and attempt to figure out why they would create life on Earth and then want to destroy it.

That’s where this sketchbook comes in, which details the events that take place after the Prometheus film. As we learn in the sequel, Alien: Covenant, David likely murdered Shaw and used her body to further his experiments and ambitions towards the creation of life with the mutagenic black liquid. David would be left stranded on the planet for a decade until the USCSS Covenant would arrive.

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