New Resident Evil 2 Gameplay Shows William Birkin Boss Battle

The latest demo footage that leaked online brings us through a section of Claire's campaign.

By Chris Morse

Resident Evil 2 has been a big deal for the past couple of major events, from E3 to San Diego Comic-Con, but most of what we have seen from the gameplay itself has revolved around Leon so far. However, that has finally changed for Gamescom 2018, which Capcom has made all about Claire Redfield this time. Just as the convention kicked off, the publisher posted some new details and screenshots, highlighting Claire's campaign as well as our first significant look at William Birkin, who has been mutated by the G-Virus.

Now that Gamescom is underway, the latest gameplay footage confirms that the previously-released screenshots are all from the latest demo of the game, which features an early boss battle between Claire and William G. Footage from that demo leaked early and you can watch it above. The demo also includes some story as well where Claire finds Sherry and encounters the monstrosity that used to be her father.

The end of the demo features a cutscene that also introduces Brian Irons, the extremely creepy police chief who has some skeletons in his closet. He holds Claire at gunpoint and that's where the demo ends. The gameplay portion does, however, highlight a few different types of weapons and does have a classic feel to it, despite being modernized with an over-the-shoulder perspective.

This latest footage has us more excited than ever, especially considering how grotesque and impressive William looks. It was nice to see more of Claire and it's worth noting that she looks a lot more natural in this demo than when she was initially revealed around E3. She still has a younger look but that is apparently by design. We are fine with that at this point, as the game looks visually great all around.

Resident Evil 2 arrives on January 25th, 2019 and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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