Don't Get Bit By This Fun Party Game

The newest version of this social deduction card game Bitten is to die for.

By L.B. Lubomski

Back in 2016, a fun micro game called Bitten hit Kickstarter. Bitten is a 5-minute deduction game in which 2-4 players have to collect supplies and steal the only vehicle to escape, or help the rest of the group discover the player who had been infected. Failing to do so within the time limit results in a game over for everyone left with the bitten player.

Bitten raised nearly $10,000 despite only asking for $500 and delivered a great product that this author has personally been playing over the last year and a half. Playgrim Games, the creators of Bitten, have launched a Kickstarter for the newest deluxe version of that game, Bitten: Survive the Dead.


This newest version of Bitten features high-quality components not found in the original version, including a game board and thirteen item tokens, while all of the cards themselves have received brand-new, updated artwork. This was already a great game before, but it is really something to behold now with these latest upgrades.

The game has also already hit its funding goal and is continuing to unlock some interesting stretch goals, most notably exclusive character cards inspired by popular fictional characters, such as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. What are your thoughts on this fun little card game? Let us know if you plan on backing it, and try not get bit yourself when making your pledge.

About the Author

L.B. Lubomski

Lawrence "L.B." Lubomski is an avid horror movie fan, gamer, musician, historian, and aspiring author. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, L.B. was exposed to the works of local filmmaker and godfather of zombie cinema George A. Romero early on. He has since developed a particular fondness for Italian zombie/cannibal and slasher films. This passion for horror extends into other media, from survival horror video games such as Resident Evil to horror-inspired musical artists. In his spare time, L.B. pursues many interests including building his collection of vinyl records, action figures, and vintage video games as well as drumming in various local bands.