It: Chapter Two Finds Its Mike Hanlon

This casting choice is sure to spice things up.

By Jay Gervais

Chosen Jacobs, the actor who played young Mike Hanlon in It, has revealed on Instagram that Isaiah Mustafa has been cast to play the adult version of the character. You may recognize Mustafa from various Old Spice commercials, where he tastefully shows off the latest products from the brand in various creative ways. With Mustafa cast as adult Mike Hanlon, this now concludes the casting of the Losers' Club for It: Chapter Two.

Back in May, we reported that Andy Bean (Power) is set to play as adult Stanley Uris while James Ransone (Sinister) will play as Eddie Kaspbrak. In addition, we also revealed that James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class) is set to play as Bill Denbrough while Bill Hader (Tropic Thunder) will play as Richie Tozier. The other confirmed cast for the film include Jessica Chastain (Interstallar) as Beverly Marsh and Bill Skarsgård (Atomic Blonde) reprising his role as Pennywise.

This film is of course the follow-up to last year's It, which turned out to be a phenomenal success. The story of the first film revolved around the Losers' Club when they were just young kids. It: Chapter Two tells the other half of the story and takes place nearly three decades later when the club is called back to the town of Derry to finish what they started.

It: Chapter Two is scheduled to begin filming this summer with an expected release date of September 6th, 2019. Andy Muschietti is returning to direct, with Gary Dauberman writing the script. Both films are based off the 1986 best-selling novel It by Stephen King, one of his most notable works.

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