McFarlane Announces New 5-Inch Figures for The Walking Dead

The Allies Deluxe Box Set is the first time you can get Jesus in the 5" scale.

By L.B. Lubomski

Image via AMC / CC BY

In 2016, many fans were upset when McFarlane Toys announced that they were rebooting their action figure line for The Walking Dead TV show and making the switch from 5-inch to 7-inch. As one of those collectors, I felt betrayed having spent hundreds of dollars on the old lineup. To soften the blow, Todd McFarlane announced that the comic series figures would continue on in 5" and we would occasionally still get them for the show.

Most of these new figures have been Walgreens exclusives in the form of Rick Grimes (in his Alexandria Constable uniform), Aaron, and Sasha. We also got a special two-pack of Negan and Glenn. Finally, we have news of the first special 5" figures of 2018: the Allies Deluxe Box Set.


The Allies Deluxe Boxset features three 5" figures: Rick Grimes in a new blue shirt, another Daryl Dixon, and Paul "Jesus" Rovia. The Rick and Daryl figures are essentially the same that many of us have bought half a dozen times before. Rick is at least wearing a new blue shirt that we haven't seen before, but the Daryl in particular is identical to the last four figures of him that have been released.

The real reason to pick up this set is for Jesus, as this is the first time he has been made available in this size. At an MSRP of $34.99 USD, is the price worth it for Jesus alone or will you be skipping out on this box set altogether? I will probably get it just so I can add one of my favorite newer characters to my collection. Now I'm just waiting for Dwight and I'll be a happy camper.

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