Tiny Epic Zombies Invade Your Tabletop

Gamelyn Games latest Tiny Epic board game is a zombie invasion.

By L.B. Lubomski

Image via Gamelyn Games / CC BY

Gamelyn Games, creator of the popular Tiny Epic series of board games, is unleashing the horde. Late last week, they launched a Kickstarter campaign for their newest game, Tiny Epic Zombies. It funded within minutes and as of the time of this article is making its way close to half a million dollars with over 12,000 backers. From the project page, Gamelyn describes the premise of TEZ:


Tiny Epic Zombies allows up to five players to play as either a zombie or survivor, working together or against each other in five different game modes (including solo). One of the coolest aspects of the game is Gamelyn's ITEMeeples; essentially, they have taken the iconic board game meeples and cut little holes in their hands to allow them to physically hold items and weapons. They introduced these during their last project, Tiny Epic Quest, and I can tell you from experience it was a very unique concept. The Kickstarter campaign will run until February 9th. Make sure to pledge so you can guarantee yourself a copy with all of the Kickstarter-exclusive stretch goals and bonuses! Are you going to back this new board game? Let us know in the comments.

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