Short Film "November First" Extends Casual Friday to Michael Myers

Fright Rags Films offers a side of Michael Myers that we've never seen before.

By Ray Morse

Imagine for a moment that Halloween’s iconic slasher, Michael Myers, was an average citizen like you or I. What would his life be like once the coveralls were tossed into the hamper, his trusty butcher knife was placed into the dishwasher, and the modified Kirk mask tucked away for safe keeping? Once the curtain closes on the 31st, what do the next 365 days bring?

These are questions Eric Maira, Chris Hogan-Roy, Benjamin Scrivens, and Chris Tanski have set out to explore in the debut short film by Fright Rags Films, November First. Starring community staple and Fright Rags owner, Benjamin Scrivens as “The Shape,” this 3-minute short film offers the rabid Halloween fandom an unexpected glimpse into the life of the notorious villain.

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