Mark Roberts Resurrects Michael Myers’ Iconic 1978 Personal Effects

After 40 years, what does the Michael Myers mask look like today?

By Ray Morse

Nearly 40 years after the world caught its first glimpse of what would become one of cinema’s most iconic and frightening masks, one might ask themselves “Whatever happened to Holy Grail of Horror memorabilia?” Dead Entertainment has the answer for you by way of and Myers fanatic, Benjamin Hall.

Recently, Hall managed to track down the man who has been in possession of these screen-used Halloween artifacts, Mark Roberts, and in a exclusive interview, Mr. Roberts not only offered a bit of history on how he was able to obtain such priceless relics, but also shared photos of the H1/H2 Hero Mask and H2 scalpel and boots straight from the climate/light-controlled room where these items are currently being preserved.

When asked about how these items came into his possession, Mark Roberts wrote:

I have been building and running haunts for the last 26 years. About 20 years ago I got in contact with an agent who represented Dick Warlock and asked about booking Dick for an appearance at my haunt. The funny thing was I contacted him to book Gunnar Hansen (the original Leatherface) and when we were getting that set up he told me he also represented Dick and asked if I would be interested in booking him also. So I set up to have Dick at the haunt and his agent said he had the mask and costume from the movie and would wear it at the appearance.

When Dick came to the haunt, he was mad at his agent because he said he does not wear the costume for appearances. He did tell me that he still had the costume, boots, mask, butcher knife and scalpel and that he would sell it; he just didn't bring them out for appearances. Dick was great with the haunted house customers and hanging out with Dick and Cathy for the weekend was a lot of fun and it went so well we set it up for him to come back the next year. I'm not sure if it was after the 1st or second year but I called Dick up and we made a deal for me to purchase the mask, costume, boots, scalpel and knife. My wife and I went to Dick's house and picked up the mask and costume and then that following year we had Dick appear at the haunt and we displayed the mask, costume and weapons at the haunt in Toledo.

Regarding the condition and preservation, Mark Roberts wrote:

The mask is just the way it was when I purchased it from Dick. I pay to have it kept in an air tight container that is climate controlled and in the dark, It seems to be working well. I consider it to be the holy grail of horror movie memorabilia and I am doing my best to preserve it.

On whether or not he would ever consider having the H1/H2 Hero Mask restored by Tom Spina, Mark Roberts wrote:

I have thought about that and I may talk to him about it someday. He does amazing work. I struggle with the question is it still the original mask or not if you restore it? I think I lean a little more to having him bring it back to it’s full glory.

If this information doesn’t sate every Halloween/Michael Myers fan’s curiosity, I honestly don’t know what might! What do you think of the condition of the mask and costume that started it all?

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