Adam Green Delivers His Latest Halloween Short: Pumpkin Dick

ArieScope’s Jack Chop is also celebrating its 10th anniversary.

By Michelle Kaotic

Over the last few weeks via live Facebook streams, Adam Green has been sharing with fans a little of what to watch for. Previously announced were the Hatchet Halloween comic books, announcements of the upcoming Yorkiethon charity event, and the 21th Annual Halloween short film.

With the Halloween season upon us and premiering a day earlier than announced, ArieScope’s annual Halloween short, Pumpkin Dick, hit social media early on Sunday morning to delighted fans. If you are familiar with Adam and his work, each year he has entertained and thrilled fans with his own brand of humor and horror in the form of a short film.

Last year’s short film, The Intervention, was a collection of horror legends who have all worked with the filmmaker on his various projects. Starring Kane Hodder, Derek Mears, Laura Ortiz, Joel David Moore, Brea Grant, the late Sid Haig, and others from ArieScope, all surprise Adam with an intervention.

With that collection of names in one film, it would be hard to beat so this year’s had its work cut out for it. A shorter run time than last, the story was told in a concise manner to keep the viewer engaged. We find three preteens in what appears to be in a basement with bags of candy laying beside them. As each clutches a flashlight, they begin to play a scary story game. As they take turns adding a sentence to the story, one doesn’t quite play by the rules. To see what happens next, be sure to give it a watch above.

We couldn’t write an Adam Green Halloween short film article without mentioning one of my favorites of his, Jack Chop. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, it stars Paul Solet, who is no stranger to Green’s films, as Nicolo, an enthusiastic, uncensored spokesperson for Jack Chop. Who doesn’t want the latest tool for easy pumpkin carving? I’m not sure if it’s the accent or the over-the-top accidents and blood, but if you haven’t checked out Jack Chop, do it. Do it now. It is something that will have you laughing in no time and wanting your own fahkin glow stick.

As previously mentioned, the annual Save a Yorkie Yorkiethon will be coming up in December. It’s a great charity event that involves many individuals who have worked with Adam over the years and fans get to bid on and purchase items that benefit yorkies. This particular yearly event is near and dear to his heart, thanks to his own beloved dog, Arwen. Stay tuned for more details.

Once again, thank you to the genius mind of Adam Green for continuing to bring horror fans great films, movies, merchandise (that you can purchase directly on, and one-of-a-kind collectibles.

Be sure to visit and check out what is available.

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