Rob Zombie Opens Up About Sid Haig’s Final Performance in 3 from Hell

The rockstar filmmaker gets in-depth about working with the beloved actor to bring one more chapter of his horror trilogy to the big screen.

By M.T. Bates

It’s no secret that fans were upset at the lack of Sid Haig’s Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s 3 from Hell, and rightfully so. He was a beloved character who horror fans far and wide swooned over, so when we only got to see the actor for what would be his final scene ever in the role, it was upsetting on many different levels. However, it is well-known that his character had much more planned for him before the health issues came about.

The character of Foxy pretty much picked up all the slack where Spaulding would have come in with the original screenplay. Below, you can read Rob’s conflict as he dealt with script changes and how to handle Sid’s diminished role, courtesy of It’s a touching look into what was going on before and during the film's production.


I think it goes without saying that fans would kill to read that original script. We will never get that movie, but I think it would still bring closure to many of us who wanted more Spaulding. Any fan would happily read that script and be able to visualize Sid acting it out in their heads. Hopefully somewhere down the line Rob releases the script out into the world, but for right now we just have to use our imaginations in wondering what could have been.


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