Eli Roth Producing Halloween Slasher Film 10-31

This Halloween-inspired tale is headed to the big screen.

By L.B. Lubomski

Renowned horror director Eli Roth has signed on to produce a new Halloween-themed slasher film for Orion Pictures called 10-31, as reported by Variety.

Roth praised the film’s story, noting that “very rarely do you get a script that grabs you by the throat, holds you until the last page, and gives you nightmares after.” He then went on to elaborate, “I don’t want to reveal too much, but this is one of the best, scariest premises for a horror film that I have read in years…this script has all the ingredients of a new classic.”

10-31 will follow the story of a young woman who takes her niece and nephew trick or treating, only to discover a note inside a candy wrapper claiming that a serial killer is lose in their neighborhood. It is based on an original story by Laurie Ashbourne, which was then adapted to a screen story by Kathy Charles. The screenplay for the project was written by Ian Shorr and Peter Gamble Robinson, who have collaborated before on the TV series Trenches as well as the zombie comedy Office Uprising.

Roth will produce the film for Arts District Entertainment in collaboration with Bellevue Productions. Michael Besman of Arts District will executive produce. Stay tuned for more details on this upcoming slasher film as they become available.

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