New Friday the 13th Vinyl Releases Available for Pre-Order This Friday the 13th!

What better way to celebrate the occasion than picking up these fantastic vinyls for popular movies from the franchise?

By Jay Gervais

The vinyl aficionados over at Waxwork Records are getting into the spirit of the season with the unveiling of their latest releases for the Friday the 13th franchise, which will appropriately see pre-orders go live tomorrow on Friday the 13th. Have a look below for confirmation of these releases from the retailer’s official Twitter account, along with each album’s track listing (where available).

Track Listing:

Side A
01 - Flashback
02 - Alice Hangs Up
03 - Keep a Cool Head (Main Title)
04 - Prowler
05 - Ralph Gets Cursed
06 - Terry Looks for Muffin
07 - Jeff and Sandra Are Watched
08 - The Chase / Sheriff Visits / Villa Jason
09 - Terry in Lake / Dolly in, Scott Out

Side B
10 - Vicki is Watched / Jason at Door
11 - Vicki Goes Up
12 - Jason and Paul Meet
13 - Ragtop and Running Ragged
14 - Ginny Under the Bed
15 - Ginny Visits Villa Jason
16 - Who's at the Door
17 - Return to Chez Jason / End Titles

No official track listing available for this release at this time.

Track Listing:

Side A
01 - The Cemetery / Coffin and Maggots and Worms, Oh My!
02 - Here We Go Again (Opening Titles)
03 - He Only Takes Visa
04 - The Caretaker

Side B
05 - The Survivalists
06. Marty, Kathleen, Steve, Annette, and Who Else?
07. Let’s Play “Camp Blood”
08. He Was Everywhere, Like TV
09. Cort and Nikki Check Wire

Side C
10. Megan Balances Business and Pleasure
11. Sissy
12. Real TV Nightmare
13. Paula Feels the Tension
14. You Drive, Hot Lips

Side D
15. The Gang’s All Here
16. I Wanna Hold Your Hand / Jason Takes a Dip
17. Jason Out
18. Untitled (Unused Cue)
19. The Rescue / Finale

Track Listing:

Side A
01 - Overlay Of Evil / Main Title
02 - Banjo Travelin’
03 - Alice Goes To The Lake (Parts 1 & 2)
04 - Back Up To Annie Alone
05 - Mrs. V Watches
06 - Ralph In The Pantry
07 - Don’t Smoke In Bed
08 - Bill Plays Guitar
09 - Not Tonight, I’ve Got A Headache
10 - Brenda In Lights
11 - The Bed Axe

Side B
01 - Alice Runs To Cabin
02 - Mrs. V Comes Clean
03 - Alice Runs To Light
04 - The Last Fight / The Chop To The End
05 - The Boat On The Water / Closing Theme 1 / Jason In The Lake
06 - Closing Theme
07 - Sail Away Tiny Sparrow

These double 180 gram double vinyl releases, which come with deluxe packaging, feature a handful of interesting variants and even one with a 3D lenticular cover for Part III. While there isn’t any new music to be found here, the jaw-dropping new art will make you want to open up your wallet and show them the money!

If you’re interested in owning these items, bookmark the official website for Waxwork Records today and be there tomorrow on Friday the 13th when they drop for pre-order. As always, you can depend on Dead Entertainment for all the latest news on the Friday the 13th franchise, along with special items just like these and so much more!

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