Trailer: Be the Ghosts or the Hunters in Midnight Ghost Hunt

It's Ghostbusters meet Garry’s Mod’s Prop Hunt mode in the debut trailer for this title from Vaulted Sky Games.

By L.B. Lubomski

Indie developer Vaulted Sky Games showcased its first-ever game during this year’s E3 PC Gaming Show, Midnight Ghost Hunt. Heavily inspired by the popular Prop Hunt game mode from Garry’s Mod, this title is a 4v4 hide-and-seek experience of ghost hunters versus spirits.

The trailer for the game showcases ghosts hiding in inanimate objects, such as a lamp and a chair, while the hunters attempt to use their technology to locate and destroy them. Moving from object to object will be imperative, as staying in one prop for too long will mean certain “re-death.”

However, once the clock strikes midnight, four minutes into the match, the ghosts get their revenge and the ghost hunters become the prey. One ghost in the trailer even takes control of a suit of armor, floating sword-first towards the hazmat-wearing hunters. Will they be able to survive until an escape can be made? Further details on this interesting game concept can be found below.


Midnight Ghost Hunt will be released on PC, with other platforms to be announced, and will have an Alpha test later this summer. An actual retail release date is not known at this time. Interested players can sign up for the Alpha test of the game here.

Between this game and the recently-announced remaster of the 2009 Ghostbusters video game, it looks like players will have plenty of options available to satisfy their cooperative ghostbustin’ needs this year and beyond.


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