Trailer: Resident Evil 5 and 6 Are Headed to Nintendo Switch

These two titles should help round out the franchise’s collection on the hybrid console quite nicely.

By Chris Morse

A few years ago, it was almost unheard of to see any kind of horror gaming make an appearance at Nintendo’s E3 showcase, but here we are with the news that even more Resident Evil games are on their way to the Switch. The console already boasts a number of installments from the survival horror franchise, the most recent of which include the HD remasters of the 2002 remake and Resident Evil 0 as well as Resident Evil 4. Today, we learned that Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 will soon join those games and be available for you to take with you wherever you go.

It’s no surprise that the franchise has undergone a bit of a resurgence, thanks to the critically-acclaimed Resident Evil 2 remake, so these re-releases certainly come at an opportune time for Capcom to take advantage of this renewed interest, whether that comes from players who missed these games when they came out or those who just want to play them in a different way. Either way, it’s great news for anybody who wants more portable survival horror.

Resident Evil 5 first released in 2009 and took the franchise in a more action-oriented direction, while at the same time revisiting several classic characters fans knew and loved. However, 2012’s Resident Evil 6 doubled down on the action and presented its storyline in a more episodic, and at times convoluted, manner, leading to mixed reviews at best and an absolute critical panning at the worst. Love the latter game or hate it, you can round out your Nintendo Switch collection of Resident Evil games quite nicely with these upcoming re-releases.

Both titles will make their way to the hybrid console sometime this fall. Whenever we have an exact date or more information, we’ll be sure to share the news with you here on Dead Entertainment.

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