Tokyo Game Show Trailer: Capcom Reveals Full Details for Resident Evil Spinoff Project Resistance

It looks like the upcoming title is an asymmetrical multiplayer game after all.

By Chris Morse

Tokyo Game Show 2019 is currently underway and Capcom, as promised, has pulled back the curtain on its upcoming team-based Resident Evil spinoff, Project Resistance, which is being developed in partnership with NeoBards Entertainment. The game received a cinematic teaser earlier this week, but today's presentation brought with it more complete details, revealing that the title is of the asymmetrical multiplayer variety. An overview was provided in the official TGS trailer located above.

In Project Resistance, four Survivors will work together to take on one Mastermind, who has the ability to make things deadly for them. Each character has his or her own unique benefits and playstyles, all of which are necessary for making it through a match alive. The Mastermind, on the other hand, will track the Survivors through a network of security cameras, staying one step ahead by creating obstacles, summoning monsters, manipulating the environment, and even taking direct control of zombies.

The trailer also demonstrates how the game takes the control concept a step further when the Survivors are forced to face off against a directly controlled, trenchcoat-wearing Tyrant, just like Mr. X from Resident Evil 2. If you've been itching to deliver a few haymakers of your own as that boss, this will be the perfect opportunity to do so. This is all in the name of allowing players to create their own unique survival horror experiences.

Project Resistance does not yet have a release date, but it will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Sign-ups are now open for the next week on the game's official website for a closed beta that will run from October 4th through 7th, but that will only be available for the console versions. Given that timeframe, there's a good chance we'll see this game release before the end of 2019 or even in early 2020.

More details are coming at a later date, but for now, you can check out the trailer above as well as a few screenshots we have included for you below. Stay tuned to Dead Entertainment for more news and information in the coming weeks and months!

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