Own the Devil May Cry 5 Soundtrack on Stylish Vinyls, Special Edition CD

Laced Records is bringing the bread and then some.

By Jay Gervais

For those of you who have been looking for the Devil May Cry 5 soundtrack on vinyl, the wait is now over thanks to Laced Records. In addition, the UK-based retailer is offering up a brand-new special edition CD as well. There are a few different choices to choose from, based on your format preference and budget, so have a look below for a rundown of each item.


This is honestly a fine collection if you’ve held out on owning the Devil May Cry 5 soundtrack until now. The music for this smash-hit video game was composed by Kota Suzuki, John R. Graham, Yoshiya Terayama, Hiromitsu Maeba, Casey Edwards, Stephen McNair, Cody Matthew Johnson, and Jeff Rona.

You’ll notice by examining the track listing that the Deluxe Double Vinyl has a different offering from the Special Edition X4 Vinyl Boxset, while the Special Edition CD Boxset features the complete soundtrack spanning across five discs.

As previously mentioned, Laced Records is based in the UK and your items will be imported with all associated shipping costs. If you’re interested in grabbing any of these stylish products, head on over to Laced Records today!

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