The Moonrise Arrives in Dead by Daylight

The latest event in the asymmetrical horror game is upon us.

By L.B. Lubomski

Developer Behaviour Interactive is celebrating the Lunar New Year in Dead by Daylight with its latest event, Moonrise. From now through February 13th, players of the asymmetrical horror game will be able to either gather and escape with Lunar Vessels as survivors or destroy them as killers, earning Golden Coins to trade in towards new cosmetic items for Ace, Feng, and The Huntress.

For those who are unable to participate, the cosmetics can be purchased instead with Auric Cells, the game's in-game currency purchasable with real money. The full details from the official post can be read in the summary below.

The Dead by Daylight team is happy to celebrate the Lunar New Year with the Moonrise Event. From January 30th (19:00 UTC) to February 13th (19:00 UTC), this event will give a chance for Killers and Survivors to experience new gameplay, new goals, in-game themed decorations and additional items in the Bloodweb.


  • Gather a Lunar Vessel and escape the map to earn points towards Golden Coins:
  • Find Vessels in the map to gather. Only one may be held at a time.
  • Embers then encircle the player to indicate to others that they are holding a Vessel.
  • If a Survivor holding a Vessel is hooked, they lose their embers. The Vessel they picked up is returned to its original location.
  • Repairing a generator will also generate points towards Golden Coins.


  • Destroy Lunar Vessels to earn points towards Golden Coins:
  • Vessels enter a destructible state only when a Survivor is on a hook. This provides the Killer with an interaction on the Vessel to destroy it.
  • The destructible state will be visible by a color change (yellow/orange/red).
  • Vessels will remain destructible for a short period after a Survivor is removed from their hook.
  • Hooking Survivors will also generate points towards Golden Coins.


Collecting and/or destroying Vessels earns points towards Golden Coins that can be exchanged towards the 9 Lunar New Year Cosmetics. There are 3 outfits total for Ace, Feng, and The Huntress.

These cosmetics will be earnable via Golden Coins and may also be purchased with Auric Cells. You will be able to use the Golden Coins up to 2 weeks after the end of the event (until February 27th). The Moonrise cosmetics will also be available for purchase with Auric Cells after the end of the event.


Obtained in the Bloodweb. When used, it will spawn an extra Lunar Vessel in the map.
Playing a Red Envelope Offering also grants the Survivor or Killer with extra opportunities:

Killers can gain extra BP by destroying Vessels and hooking Survivors holding a Vessel.
Survivors can gain extra BP by picking up Vessels, escaping with a Vessel, and holding Vessels for a period of time.


Survivor item obtained in the Bloodweb and in-game chests.

It's always great to see developers continuing this level of support for their game years after the original release. Behaviour Interactive has really set a standard that will be hard to match with not only these kinds of special events, but the addition of new characters several times each year.

The Dead by Daylight community is still going strong with no signs of stopping any time soon. We look forward to seeing what the future will bring for this game and will continue to provide updates moving forward. As always, we'll see you on the killing fields.

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