Dead by Daylight Celebrates the Hallowed Blight

The Entity brings Halloween to the killing fields.

By L.B. Lubomski

Image via Behaviour Interactive / CC BY

Dead by Daylight is taking a stab at celebrating Halloween this year by offering players a chance to participate in the Hallowed Blight event. Both survivors and killer players will be in a rush to collect plant toxins scattered around the maps, filling up vials that can be used as a special currency for unlocking exclusive Halloween-themed wearable cosmetic items.

For the duration, players will be investigating horrific experiments conducted on unwilling specimens injected with toxins from a mysterious plant only found in the world of the Entity. What results is…terrifying: aggressive fluid-filled killers on the hunt for unsuspecting survivors. Survivors are in a rush to collect toxin from plants to fill Vials, though death can interrupt the process. And death is never more than a heartbeat away as Killers will be trying to fill their own Vials, hanging their preys on Cankerous Hooks. For both parties, filling a Vial rewards Putrid Serum, a special event currency that can be traded for wicked Hallowed Blight cosmetic pieces, a Survivor’s Will’o Wisp flashlight or the All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox (medkit) that glows with ghastly images.

When initially announced by developers Behaviour Interactive, the event was only to last until Halloween, which meant that only one full outfit, or three separate cosmetic items, could be unlocked out of the full collection. This sparked a lot of outrage from the game's community, leading the developer to quickly make a change to allow for two full outfits, or six separate cosmetic items, to be unlocked instead. The event will now run until November 2nd.

People of the fog!

The Hallowed Blight is coming to Dead by Daylight today!

This event will unlock new Lore, add gameplay interactions, bring back the beloved spoopy items, and allow players to earn large amounts of Bloodpoints through offerings. For the first time in Dead by Daylight’s history, the player will be able to choose their reward from a pool of 7 amazing outfits.


Yesterday, we received a lot of feedback from the Community about The Hallowed Blight event cosmetic rewards.
In light of this feedback, we decided to make some changes!

Players will now be able to earn up to 2 full outfits (or 6 individual cosmetic items) of their choice from The Hallowed Blight Collection! The vials cap has been raised from 15 to 30 vials for each role, for a total of 60 vials.


The event will be live from October 19th to November 2nd.

The Hallowed Blight Collection

The Doctor - Foul Bile
The Hillbilly - Osseous Carcass
The Huntress - Growth Surge
The Trapper - King of the Hooks
Wraith - Seeping Hollow

Claudette Morel - Vigo's Pupil
Dwight Fairfield - Vigo's Apprentice

In addition to the above cosmetic items that can be won in game, Behavioir Interactive is running a number of different contests on their forum including a pumpkin carving contest, artwork contest, and costume contest. Winners of the contest will receive Auric Cells, Dead by Daylight's in-game currency used to buy upgrades, cosmetics, and even new Killers.

Will you be collecting Vials of toxic this Halloween? See you on the killing fields.

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