The Walking Dead Gets an Official Midseason Teaser Trailer

The second half of season nine is beginning to heat up with this new look at its upcoming episodes.

By Chris Morse

A brand-new teaser trailer for The Walking Dead has arrived and this one previews the back half of season nine, which will consist of eight episodes and more formally introduce the latest threat to our survivors, the Whisperers. We had our first taste of the deadly group that disguises itself in masks made from the skin of the undead in the midseason finale and the encounter proved to be a fatal one for at least one of our key survivors so far.

This new threat is set to take center stage as we meet Alpha and Beta, the leader and second-in-command of the group respectively, and begin to uncover what these savage survivors are capable of. The teaser trailer shows off more of both of these characters, but also gives us a glimpse at the show's take on Lydia, who will be held hostage as a negotiating chip for keeping the Hilltop safe.

In the comic series, Lydia serves as a love interest for Carl, but it remains to be seen if any storyline like that will be explored in this adaptation, considering both Rick and Carl are no longer part of the TV series. Either way, her presence is a huge hint at where the second half of this season is headed, as events surrounding her and the fair, which showrunner Angela Kang teased a little bit, are absolutely essential to this new arc kicking into high gear.

We now have a very good idea of where the next eight episodes are headed and the season finale just might be a haunting sight to behold if the main story beats play out in the way they are expected to. The show will add its own flavor along the way, but it seems like all bets are off with respect to where the remainder of this season will take us.

The Walking Dead will return for eight more episodes on February 10th at its usual time on AMC.

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