The Upcoming Spawn Reboot is a Horror Movie

Todd McFarlane has spoken and this movie should be considered more horror than superhero.

By Chris Morse

Todd McFarlane does not want you confusing his upcoming Spawn reboot with a superhero film. Sure, our titular character takes care of business here and there but this movie is being designed as a horror film through and through. Not only will it feature a hard R rating, it will be scary. That's the goal and that's what fans can expect out of it.

McFarlane spoke with IGN over the weekend at the New York Comic Con and dove into all of the reasons why this is going to be a true horror movie. The only problem so far, apparently, is getting Hollywood to understand what he's going for.

Here's what I'm trying to get Hollywood to understand because they still don't quite get it is I want to do a dead serious, scary movie that happens to be a superhero, right? And so they keep tripping into this superhero part and I wish I could almost take that piece out of it.

But I just saw earlier today, Greg Nicotero showed me some physical pieces of the costume and I'm going, "That's it." We've been designing it anyways but I finally got to see it physically and I go, "That's it." So, next time I go into the studios, I'm bringing all that stuff with me because, obviously, I didn't do a good enough job in the script to convey that. They're reading words in my script that are way different than what i see in my head and I just want to scare people. I just want to scare people on a serious level.

As previously reported, Spawn will largely be a silent force in this movie, much like certain horror icons over the years, even if he could be considered a hero. With that in mind, McFarlane elaborated on his earlier comments and why Spawn as a character just makes sense being presented that way.

We just saw one a couple weeks ago called [The] Nun. It's called Nun. She's not on screen the most and she really doesn't talk a whole heck of a lot, right? I mean, these kinds of movies have been done forever. I'm just saying that in a movie like Jaws, it's called Jaws but the shark isn't onscreen talking and whenever the Hollywood studios say, "How can you not have the lead character not talk?," you and I can stand here and come up with a hundred movies that have done this in the last twenty years. And you don't even have to go back the last twenty years because there's one two weeks ago called The Nun and The Nun did it, right?

So get your Nun hat on. Get your Aliens hat on, get your John Carpenter's The Thing, get your Jaws hat on. The Grudge, The Ring, get that hat on [and] my script makes sense. You put Captain America, Hulk on? It reads funny.

McFarlane also reassured fans that he doesn't really have anybody to answer to with respect to licensing or worrying about what somebody else's vision for the film might be. That's why we are getting something truly dark in this story and fans should expect nothing less.

Their dark is here's PG-13, here's R, they go over a little bit. We're talking over here. We're talking that it would make your kids cry. If you're going to do dark R, make the children cry who are under 10. That's the movie. Do I think that The Joker is gonna make 10-year-olds cry? Nope. Would I make them cry? Sure, I would because I'd be doing a movie for adults.

The upcoming Spawn reboot has Jamie Foxx playing the titular character, also known as Al Simmons, who will be joined by Jeremy Renner as Twitch Williams. Blumhouse Productions is producing with Todd McFarlane writing and directing. Greg Nicotero's KNB EFX Group will be handling visual effects.

There is no word yet on when Spawn will start filming or what the expected release date might be, but we'll be sure to provide updates here on Dead Entertainment as the production moves along.

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