Latest Season 9 Teaser for The Walking Dead Pits Our Leaders Against Each Other

Not everything is running smoothly a year and a half after the all-out war.

By Chris Morse

AMC has released a new teaser trailer for season 9 of The Walking Dead and this time the focus is on the leadership of our colonies clashing in the wake of their rebuilding after the war. The teaser puts a spotlight on conflict between Maggie, Rick, Daryl, and other survivors who are at odds in different ways, even to the point of coming to blows (with a possible road-side fight between Daryl and Rick).

With all of the heat brewing among our survivors, it’s hard to even think about what Michonne is up to in the scene of her wielding a blood-covered Lucille, which we saw in earlier official photos that trickled out from the official AMC blog.

What we do know, however, is that even with all of this in-fighting, we are still quickly approaching the arrival of the Whisperers, which is especially apparently with the recent casting of Ryan Hurst as Beta, who is a key character from this point of the story in the comic series.

Even with the exits of Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan looming, it’s hard not to be excited with just how much seems to be going on heading into the new season. We’ll be able to watch how it all unfolds when The Walking Dead returns for its ninth season on Sunday, October 7th.

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