New Trailer for The Sinking City is Calling Cthulhu

Embrace the madness in the game's new cinematic trailer.

By L.B. Lubomski

The latest cinematic trailer for the Lovecraftian-inspried horror-adventure game The Sinking City, subtitled "Death May Die," was released yesterday. Developer Frogwares, primarily known for their series of adventure games based on Sherlock Holmes, have really outdone themselves this time and seem to be creating something both genuinely interesting and horrific.

The trailer shows the presumed main character, a private investigator, waking up in a desolate town straight out of the 1920s. Grabbing his fedora and trusty Tommy Gun, he begins to explore the town and all of its horrors. This includes the ocean raining from the sky, nearly drowning him and forcing him to swim for his life from an underwater monster.

After entering a bar where everything is upside down and touching a Cthulhu statue, a mysterious door opens to reveal a doppelganger of the protagonist laying on the ground where the trailer started. They are quickly grabbed by a tentacle and pulled, kicking and screaming, into the depths, thus waking up their identical twin and repeating the process once again.

By visiting the game's official website, we were able to discover many more details including both gameplay and plot information on this ambitious project.


Answer Cthulhu's call and investigate the mystery of The Sinking City on March 21th, 2019.

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