Short Horror Film Met@slash is a Cautionary Tale on Protecting Yourself Online

It is full of horror movie references to boot.

By Chris Morse

We've got a very cool horror short for you today, this time coming all the way from Greece! Met@slash is a short film about a teenage boy safe and home alone on a Friday night, other than the fact that he is broadcasting his location online for all to see.

This evening quickly takes a turn for the worse in what is a cautionary tale about online privacy and how easy it is to track somebody down through popular social media habits and even apps advertising the ability to keep you safe. Here is the film's official description.


A wise lesson, indeed, but this short brings a bit more to the table than that. This horror short is very much aware of its genre, filled to the brim with over 50 references to classic horror films such as The Shining, Friday the 13th, and Halloween. The icing on the cake here is an appearance from Nathan Baesel, who you may know as Leslie Vernon from Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

Met@slash was written by Sotiris Petridis, who co-directed the film alongside Dimitris Tsakaleas, and stars Nathan Baesel, Apostolos Kolitsas, and Aggelos Georgiadis. As previously mentioned, Petridis hails from Greece and holds a PhD in Film Studies and a master's degree in Art, Law, and Economy. Find more from the creator on his IMDB page.

These are independent filmmakers we'll be sure to keep our eye on going forward. Check out the short film above and let us know what you think in the comments below or on social media.

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