Here is the Full Season 9 Trailer for The Walking Dead

This extended trailer is full of drama and introduces a handful of new characters.

By Chris Morse

After yesterday's short teaser, the full trailer for season 9 of The Walking Dead has been released at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this afternoon. This extended look at the upcoming season shows off some familiar settings and the gradual changes they are undergoing, along with the differences each community faces going forward. Tensions are high between members of our familiar colonies as well as those who are leftover from the Saviors. We also got a good look at Negan in jail, where he belongs.

The trailer jumps through a number of different settings, showing that many of our characters will be on the road once again, presumably working through shortages of supplies and conflicts along the way. The power dynamic between Rick and other members of the communities, especially Maggie, is on full display here in the trailer too, leaving us to wonder how all this is going to add up as Andrew Lincoln bows out of the series sometime this season.

Also shown in the trailer are some new characters who are mostly tied to the comic series' Whisperers arc. We previously reported that there were casting calls for Magna and Yumiko, whose group is central to that story. We now know that these characters will be played by Nadia Hilker (The 100) and Eleanor Matsuura (Wonder Woman) respectively.

In addition to those series newcomers, we also have Connie, a character from the same group, being played by Lauren Ridloff and, more interestingly, Samantha Morton is set to star as Alpha, who is the leader of the Whisperers. It's happening! Other minor characters cast for season 9 include Connie's sister Kelly (Angel Theory), Justin (Zach McGowen), Jed (Rhys Coiro), Tammy Rose (Brett Butler), Earl (John Finn), and Luke (Dan Fogler).

The Walking Dead returns on October 7th.

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