Unfriended: Dark Web Appears to Have Two Different Endings for Theater Attendees

But which one will you get to see this Friday?

By L.B. Lubomski

Image via Blumhouse / CC BY

Unfriended: Dark Web is a Blumhouse-produced sequel to the 2014 found-footage style supernatural horror flick, Unfriended. The original film wasn't much to write home about, even though it was met with some positive reviews and pulled decent numbers at the box office. We haven't heard much buzz about the sequel, but it appears Blumhouse might be trying something new to garner more interest in the film.

There are reportedly two different endings to the film, with no way of knowing which one is attached to your local theater's copy. This information was obtained by Twitter user Rob Trench, who shared the projectionist instructions for the upcoming film.


The information about the film's two endings is a little bit vague and leaves much to the imagination, but this is an intriguing idea nonetheless. Did Blumhouse film a new ending after airing at South By Southwest Film Festival back in March due to audience reactions, or is this random ending more of a marketing strategy to get viewers talking after watching it?

Should it be the latter option, it might be a brilliant move considering Unfriended: Dark Web is a movie about getting in too deep in the search for truth and answers on the internet. Either way, this is an interesting development that we will keep a look out for when the film releases this Friday, July 20th.

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