The Future May Lead to More Friday the 13th Films

The creators behind the 2009 remake want to someday revisit the franchise.

By L.B. Lubomski

It would seem that the question is not whether fans will get another Friday the 13th film, but rather when it will happen. In an exclusive interview with We Got This Covered, Platinum Dunes co-founder and producer Andrew Form expressed his desire to revisit the franchise once the dust settles on the current legal battle. The production company was responsible for the 2009 remake and had been set to film a continuation of that story before the project was suddenly shut down during pre-production last year.


At the time of the sequel's shutdown, there was speculation as to the reason why, with one of the more popular theories being that poor box office numbers for Rings made the studio weary of pouring resources into another big budget horror flick. However, we now know that the lawsuit between Sean Cunningham and Victor Miller is likely the culprit, leaving the overall future of the franchise in question. There's no telling how long the current lawsuit will take to resolve, especially since it is one of the first of its kind in regard to the 35-year copyright reversion clause.

Would you like to see Platinum Dunes take another stab at Jason Voorhees? If so, do you want to see another attempt at a reboot or a continuation of their 2009 effort? Sound off below.


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