This Fallout Deathclaw Statue is Amazing

However, you probably don't have the caps to afford it.

By L.B. Lubomski

Image via Bethesda Softworks / CC BY

High-end collectible creators Gaming Heads have announced and made available for pre-order a very large, very detailed statue of the Deathclaw from video game franchise Fallout. As one of the toughest and most feared enemies in the series, Gaming Heads has gone all-out to create a statue the size of a small dog! Limited to only 500 pieces, this hand-painted work of art is something to behold.

"Big! Big! The size of three men! Claws as long as my forearm! Ripped apart! Ripped apart!"

Gaming Heads is proud to present the Fallout®: Deathclaw exclusive edition statue (also available in a regular edition and a collective edition). A Deathclaw is roughly nine to ten feet tall, with a thick and resilient hide, powerful muscles and long razor-sharp claws that can kill almost any other creature in only a few swipes; hence its name.

The Fallout®: Deathclaw exclusive edition statue stands approximately 28 inches tall and a massive 41 inches long. This beautifully designed piece is carefully cast in polystone resin and hand-painted by artisans to depict a Deathclaw in all its rage (and beauty) as found in-game.

The exclusive edition statue, only available at the Gaming Heads store and limited to 500 pieces worldwide, comes with an additional lower jaw, left horn (broken) and set of claws.

The regular edition and collective edition mentioned above have slightly different sculpts and are limited to 1,000 and 50 pieces respectively. All three versions share the same price point on $999.99 plus shipping and have an estimated release date of early 2019. Gaming Heads does offer a payment plan system, so that is an option for interested buyers. Are you dying to sink your claws into this Deathclaw statue or are you planning on saving your bottle caps for another day?

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