Friday the 13th: The Game's Long-Awaited Update Imminent

The upcoming update is packed full of content and fixes.

By L.B. Lubomski

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It's been a long wait, but fans of Friday the 13th: The Game are finally getting the highly-anticipated game overhaul patch this week, on Thursday, May 24th to be exact, just in time for the game's one-year anniversary on the 26th! Although it has been dubbed the "single player challenge update" by the developers, it will feature much, much more.


Due to the massive amount of changes, additions, and fixes arriving in this update, we will briefly walk you through what you can expect once the patch goes live in just a few short days.

  • Single player challenges are missions where players use Jason to kill offline bots in a number of unique ways unavailable in multiplayer over the course of ten missions. Each mission has three skull objectives for no survivors, hitting a certain XP threshold, and remaining undetected. For each skull objective completed, players will earn a unique emote that can be used for their counselors in multiplayer, for a total of 30 brand new emotes.
  • Victoria Sterling is a new playable counselor based off of Melissa from Part 7. She will be free to all players to use at level 42 and up. Victoria is essentially the female equivalent of Chad Kensington with high luck combined with very good stamina and stealth. She should be useful for running repair parts and especially in acquiring Pamela's sweater in order to kill Jason.
  • Part 7 Jason is getting minor adjustments to make him more desirable to play. This includes replacing +Grip with +Weapon Strength instead for more deadly melee slashes and -Shift with -Stun, giving Jason better mobility at the expense of being more susceptible to counselor attacks. The main issue with Part 7 has always been speed, which is a shame since he has some of the coolest kills in the game, especially the ones from his Premium Kill Pack DLC.
  • Roy Burns (Part 5 "Jason") is getting a new green coverall skin that many feel more accurately resembles the one he wore in A New Beginning. It will be available for all players and can be switched out just like the NES skin for Part 3 Jason.
  • Players will now to able to swap weapons among the different Jason skins. Want to use the machete as Part 2 pillowcase Jason? Go for it. How about a fire axe as Part 6 Jason? Now you can. One exception is that the exclusive Savini Jason's pitchfork cannot be used by other Jason skins, although Savini Jason can use any other weapon without issue. Players will have to be level 113 to swap weapons and the feature is largely cosmetic due to weapon strength being linked to the Jason skins themselves. For example, using the fire axe on Part 6 Jason will not do any more damage or break down doors any faster than normal.
  • Custom key binding will be enabled for PC players. This is a simple, yet sought-after feature finally being added.
  • The AI for offline bots should be significantly improved. At higher difficulties, expect quite the challenge with counselors utilizing advanced Perks. Offline bots will also be able to use pocket knives to disarm bear traps, place traps of their own, more easily repair vehicles, and pick out the appropriate weapons for different scenarios.
  • Legendary Perks will be made available for the first time. These are the best Perks that can be acquired in the game and feature an extra bonus stat in addition to the usual stat increases. "For example: You could roll a Legendary Lead Foot Perk with +19 Car Driving Speed, -2 Boat Driving Speed, with a bonus of +4 Car Start Speed." Some stats of older perks will be adjusted slightly to better balance game play.
  • Jason's grab will be getting another tweak based on player feedback. The grab was significantly weakened in a balance patch several months ago, but this latest iteration is said to be a middle ground between the old and new version aimed at making Jason feel more powerful again.
  • Friday the 13th: The Game has been overhauled and updated to the latest version of the Unreal Engine. This is the first step towards setting up dedicated servers, although players should already see a much smoother experience overall with less glitches and bugs right out of the gate. Also of note is the much improved visuals and lighting the new engine provides.

Which part of the update are you most excited for? Now that we have the new game engine, what new features are you most excited for? Do you want dedicated servers next or would you prefer we finally get Uber Jason and the Grendel map? Let us know in the comment below and stay tuned for the latest Friday the 13th: The Game news here on Dead Entertainment.

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