Get Your First Look at Friday the 13th: The Game's New Engine

News of the update's delay comes with the silver lining of a first-look comparison video.

By L.B. Lubomski

In the most recent news update for Friday the 13th: The Game, Gun Media released a video showcasing the long-awaited Unreal game engine update, which can viewed above. The video compares the current engine to the upgraded one on all three platforms. The dynamic lighting and overall smoother performance are immediately visible. The bad news is that the update will not be ready in April as previously announced.

Gun Media explained that the "update is shaping up nicely, but there are still a few issues that we need to iron out to ensure the best gameplay experience for our players, and we still need to pass the patch through console certification." The post continued, "Our goal is to make sure the work is done right, and that meant we needed some extra time with it." You can read the update in its entirety below:


In summary, from this post we know that when the engine update is released, it will be a massive overhaul to the game that also includes single player challenges, weapon swaps, legendary perks, the Victoria Sterling counselor, updates to Jason's grab, Part VII Jason's stats, and the introduction of the Salt Mines for toxic players. When the developers are more certain of the release date, it will be announced in advance.

From the sound of things, they are getting very close to being done and just need a little extra time to polish the final product. At the very least, props to Gun Media for keeping gamers in the loop and not waiting until right around May 1st to tell everyone about the delay.

Are you disappointed that the update won't be coming out this month? Are you willing to wait a little longer or has the game's appeal been waning for you in the face of continued glitches and a lack of new content? Where is Uber Jason and the Grendel map? I'm personally holding out a little longer since Friday the 13th: The Game has such high potential. Some of us here at Dead Entertainment still enjoy the game and continue to play it regularly, so we'd like to see it succeed and flourish for years to come.

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