Our Dead by Daylight Top Five Killer Wishlist

Who would you like to see next in Dead by Daylight?

By L.B. Lubomski

Dead by Daylight is one of the most successful horror video games to come out in the last several years. Since its debut in 2016, it has sold over three million copies and secured the rights to several prolific licensed killers including Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, and Michael Myers. With the recent announcement that four new baddies will be added this year, we wanted to take a moment to compile a list of the must-have slashers we'd like to see added. Since each licensed killer also comes with a protagonist from their franchise as well as a map, we will comment on those as well.

5. ChromeSkull from Laid to Rest

ChromeSkull is likely the most obscure killer on this list, but our desire to see him in Dead by Daylight is not lessened by this fact. As the antagonist of Robert Hall's Laid to Rest series, Chromey's gimmick is that he likes to record his victim's deaths on a shoulder-mounted video camera. He really stands out visually as well, wearing his signature chrome mask and usually a nice black suit while wielding a sick-looking knife.

Developers Behaviour Interactive could use ChromeSkull's camera as a mechanic in the game where when it is turned on, he is more powerful or moves faster. Since recording space is limited though, players have to choose when to have the camera rolling or not. If they "run out of tape" they will have to either let a stamina bar recharge or search the killing fields for new tapes. The Huntress already has to refill her throwing hachets by searching lockers, so the developers could have ChromeSkull do something similar.

For an accompanying survivor, our pick is Preston from Laid to Rest 2, a role masterfully played by Brian Austin Green. In the film, Preston was ChromeSkull's right-hand man gone rogue, so we think it would be fun to see him go up against his old boss again. His perks could also be set up so that he works better as a solo character, shying away from cooperating with other survivors due to his devious nature. As far as a map, the farmhouse from the first movie would probably be best complete with the barn full of all his victims living and dead.

4. The Creeper from Jeeper's Creepers

The Creeper, an ancient demon who emerges every 23 years to hunt and eat, would make for an interesting addition. He also sports a sweet "western" look featuring a duster jacket and hat to appear more human. The Creeper's special ability could be tackled in one of two ways. The first could be after each victim he kills, he takes a piece of them and becomes deadlier just like in the films. However, this might be too powerful if there is no way to counteract this once it has occured.

The other possibility is that he is able to blend into the environment in such a way that no one notices. For example, if he's the killler for a match, each map automatically spawns with scarecrows across the map. The Creeper could then hide in place of any of these locations, waiting to ambush his prey. Alternatively, Behaviour Interactive could just entirely break the game and give him his ability to fly, at least for short period of times. That would certainly be something to see.

The survivor to come along with The Creeper has to be Trish Jenner (Gina Phillips). As the protagonist of the first film and dedicated hunter of the Creeper, she is probably the franchise's most recognizable human character. For the killer's personal map, we have to go with the corn field from the second film since it has so many oppertunities to sneak up on unexpecting survivors.

3. Ghostface from Scream

Ghostface is an obvious choice who need to be added to Dead by Daylight. In fact, fans were once fooled into thinking he would be. While a number of different characters donned the iconic mask throughout the Scream franchise, we feel that Roman Bridger (Scott Foley), as the mastermind of the entire franchise, would likely be the best choice with original killer Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) being a close second. However, part of us wants to see Matthew Lillard's Stu Macher as the man behind the mask because, honestly, who doesn't love Matthew Lillard?

The ambiguity of Ghostface could really make for something special in regard to his abilities. Imagine if the killer player spawned in as a clone of a regular-looking player. While in this "normal mode" they can interact with other players and gain their trust by helping fix generators, healing, etc., but then with a press of a button they can transform into Ghostface and stab their unsuspecting victim in the back. This would cause players to be very wary of cooperating with teammates, setting up an atmosphere of paranoia - especially since players don't know who the killer is until they see them for the first time.

Along with Ghostface would likely come Sidney Prescott (Nieve Campell), although Dewey Riley (David Arquette) would be an equally great choice, and a map based on her neighborhood and house from the original film.

2. Pinhead from Hellraiser

Our runner-up for most desired killer we want to see added is the lead Cenobite himself, Pinhead. As a demon-esque being from a Hell-like dimension seeking to collect human souls, he is a dead ringer for the plot of Dead by Daylight. Not to mention, pretty much all horror fans are familiar with him in his BDSM outfit, pierced nipples, and, you know, a head full of nails. In addition to weilding a sharp ceremomial knife, we want to see Pinhead's iconic flesh hooks come into play. Imagine running along when suddenly you hear the music pick up and hooks on chains fly out of nowhere, temporarily holding you into place.

We also think it would be interesting to have an alternative way to win against Pinhead where instead of escaping, players can find the Lament Configuration and solve it. Alternatively, if the developers felt this was too complicated or unfair, players could solve the puzzle box in place of cleansing a hex totem for the same effect. We just want to see the series' death box come into play somehow, some way. Pinhead's frenemy and series star Kirsty Cotton (Clare Higgins) would tag along to see the sights along with a map based on the Labyrinth of Hell from Hellbound: Hellraiser II.

1. Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

The number one spot is pretty obvious. Of course, we had to include the big man himself, Jason Voorhees. Sadly Jason's appearence in Dead by Daylight might be the least likely out of the killers from this list. This is due to game developer Illfonic holding the rights to Jason in their Friday the 13th: The Game. Sure, we have The Trapper but we also had The Hillbilly, which did not keep Leatherface from being added. To be fair, no one knew just how popular the game would become so these "rip off" killers were once necessary. We feel the best option here is to have both studios work together and do a cross-over. How cool would it be to play as a special skin of Dead by Daylight's The Trapper killer in Friday the 13th: The Game, possibly on a map inspired by the game's popular junkyard level? We're sold on that.

The question becomes, with so many different versions of Jason, which one should make it into the game? The answer for us always comes back to Part VI: Jason Lives. This is the first version of "zombie" Jason that has become synonomous with the franchise. As far as his abilities though, this one is a bit puzzling. Jason's claim to fame is that he can't be killed, but other than hitting the killer in the face with a pallet, you can't fight them. To a degree this kind of negates Jason's best ability, the inability to die. On the other hand as we've seen in both the movie and video game, Jason has the ability to literally teleport across the map. This explains how he is almost always seen walking in the later Friday the 13th films, yet always catches up with his victims. Perhaps Behaviour Interactive could come up with their own version of this inspired by Illonic's creation and give the fans what they want. Crazier things have happened, so we're still holding out hope a deal can be worked out.

Our pick of Tommy Jarvis (Thom Matthews) as the related survivor character should come as no surprise. And the map we want? Crystal Lake, of course.

Honorable Mentions

  • Pennywise the Dancing Clown
  • Charles Lee "Chucky" Ray
  • Candyman

Do you agree with our list? What licensed killers do you want to see added to Dead by Daylight going forward? Let us know your top five in the comments.


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