Bad Timing Web Series up for Nominations

Goldentusk’s AWESOME Zom-Rom-Com is running strong and we love it.

By Joe Antonucci

Imagine pining over the girl of your dreams, then getting your chance to be with her. Seems great, right? Well, factor in a zombie apocalypse dead in the middle of all that and it kind of complicates things. This zombie-romantic-comedy is funny, charming, and downright well-written in every way. Set up in chapters, season 1 is all about what happens after the apocalypse to our fearless IT guy, Andy. If you liked Shaun of the Dead and enjoy a good series of shorts, do yourself a favor and check out Season 1 right here. The next season is also available and I can’t be more excited for the series.

Goldentusk reached out to us with a heads-up on the nominations Bad Timing received and we couldn’t be happier! The series is in the running for an impressive 7 categories in the 9th annual Indie Series Awards in LA on April 4th, 2018. Being given the advance opportunity to write about an indie zom-rom-com like Bad Timing is an honor. We all know that I love AWESOME indie films and this one is, in fact, AWESOME.

Here are the nominations:


We are super excited for Goldentusk and wish them the best of luck on their nominations on April 4th!

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Joe Antonucci

Joe’s love for “terrible” B-horror/sci-fi films started way back when he was young. When he isn’t watching the classics like Chopping Mall, Ice Spiders, or Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf, he spends his time gaming, playing with his Yorkie-Poo, and traveling with his wife. Joe always tackles life in the way that a grizzly bear, his favorite animal, would: with a loud roar, a raging charge, and a good night’s sleep.