"Today is My Birthday" Crowdfunding Campaign is Born

New horror game campaign launches on Indiegogo.

By M.T. Bates

The thought of a new horror game always piques my interest at first. A lot of them have been let downs for me lately, and as I have aged, so has my taste for horror games in general. Announced on January 2nd, Wonder Games Studio’s Today is my Birthday: Episode One is an intriguing take on the genre. It appears to mix elements of standard survival horror games with some inspiration pulled from Clock Tower. Escaping seems to be your only goal in this game. Right now. the studio is looking to raise $15,000 with a $50,000 stretch goal, which is very ambitious. They showed off an impressive early build of the game (on the Unity engine) that shows promise, but what is the game exactly?

It’s a first-person survival horror game. You play as a photographer named Thomas who becomes trapped inside Wonder Park, an abandoned circus. However, fighting back doesn’t seem to be an option in this game. Outrunning and tricking your enemies is what is going to keep you alive. I will assume puzzles of all shapes and sizes will be present to help you escape this demented circus. While not an entirely new concept, this idea still manages to blend a lot of aspects from a lot of different horror games. This could end up being the Clock Tower of this generation. You can read more about the game and see a lot of great footage and gameplay over at their Indiegogo page. The game was also greenlit by the Steam community before that program retired, so Valve will be helping get the game on that platform as well.

I don’t think the game will be as linear as the Clock Tower games, but the comparisons are definitely noticeable. Not being able to fight back was a classic part of that series, and if done right, will make this game just as tense and rewarding as those games. I don’t know how well fans are going to react to a brand new IP and not an already established franchise, so the pledges rights now are pretty measly. Still, I hope they manage to make what they need because I love the look of this game so far.

What do you make of this game? Do you like the idea behind it or do you prefer being able to gear up and blast your way out of a horrific situation? Think you might pledge? Sound off below.

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