Disappear into Channel Zero's "Butcher's Block" Next Year

SyFy has released a teaser for the third season of its anthology series.

By Chris Morse

Coming sometime in 2018, SyFy anthology series Channel Zero returns with another season and a new story. Following a similar 6-episode format as first two seasons, Channel Zero: Butcher's Block tells the story of a woman named Alice who gets wrapped up in a town's recent disappearances. Mysterious staircases may tie the incidents together as she works to discover the truth of what is responsible for the missing people.

What is interesting about this series is that it draws inspiration from popular internet horror stories, also called creepypasta, which are often told anonymously as anecdotal experiences from users on websites such as Reddit. The best of these stories have readers hooked as the author returns with more information or updates on the incidents they write about, often grabbing the attention of the communities at large for the long haul.

Butcher's Block is inspired by one of these tales, called "Search and Rescue Woods," which is an accounting of stories from a user alleging to be a search-and-rescue officer for the U.S. Forest Service. The story often referrs to out-of-place staircases found deep in the woods that are linked to strange and even fatal occurrences. I'm curious about what kind of explanation Channel Zero will cook up to unravel the mystery for their take on this tale, but I'm definitely excited to see some elements of this story come to life in this series. Anybody have a favorite creepypasta? Share the best ones below!

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