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Anthony Aculed


Anthony, or "Leather Rebel," as he’s called by his friends, is a product of the late 70's and early 80's. Surrounded by the likes of Freddy, Jason, Twilight Zone, Chiller Theatre, and other staples in horror, he immersed himself in dark atmosphere, accompanied by his growing list of favorite heavy metal bands. To this day, he credits his life-long friend & fallen brother, Chris O'Brien, for introducing him to a broader array of styles, including movies by Lucio Fulci and George Romero, and music by Helloween & D.R.I.. In 1999, they formed the online heavy metal webzine, UNSTOPPABLE FORCE, which is still up & running. When he's not busting his ass in career mode, Anthony can be found at concerts in the tri-state area. He loves pizza, beer, and playing records.

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